Video: Cordell & Cordell News – May 1, 2015

Dads Divorce, sponsor Cordell & Cordell and sister site have teamed up to present a series of weekly recap videos to keep you informed on the latest news and top stories. This week, Cordell & Cordell linked to a story published in the Albany Times-Union about a man who


DadsDivorce LIVE: Children’s Books About Divorce

children's books about divorce

Kimberly King is a child-development professional, certified early-childhood educator and speaker. King has authored a pair of children’s books that deal with two very serious matters that can be difficult for parents to approach their kids about. Her first book, “I Said No!” is a best-selling children’s book about sexual-abuse


Book Excerpt: Broken Vows Shattered Lives

religion and divorce book

By Dr. Steve Mentzer Excerpted with permission from Broken Vows Shattered Lives Read the Q&A with editor Matt Allen and the author about dealing with divorce. No one can deny the fact that the family has changed in the last forty years.  We have faced during the last half


DadsDivorce Live: Throwaway Dads

  Cordell & Cordell, PC attorney, Angelyn Zimmerman speaks to Mr. Dad, Armin Brott, about his newest book, Throwaway Dads. Brott discusses the trends in America that create the myths and barriers that keep men from being the father that they want to be. According to Brott, “Dads want to


Stephen Baskerville: A Man With A Mission


Stephen Baskerville’s book Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family is a forceful statement of the case against existing divorce laws and the family court system that enforces them. Divorcing fathers who feel victimized by the system will find a lot to agree with in Baskerville’s


Telling The Truth… Even When It Hurts

My best friend told her four year old daughter that her Daddy was dead. In reality, her ex-husband is awaiting jail sentencing for selling drugs. Now her daughter goes up to everyone, strangers and people she knows, and says, “I can’t see Daddy anymore because he is dead.” Strangers show