How To Proceed With A Default Divorce

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Question: I am in the middle of a divorce/custody battle and trying to obtain either full custody of our children or have my child support obligation lowered. However, I have not been able to contact my wife in more than a month. We are at the point in our divorce


How To Get A Default Divorce Judgment Granted

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Question: For a default divorce to be granted, do I have to have a record that my wife was served notice of the hearing date? I have filed for divorce and had her served by a process server, but she failed to respond within the 20-day waiting period my state’s


Filing For A Default Divorce Judgment

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Question: I filed a request to enter a default divorce judgment against my wife because she refused to cooperate throughout the divorce process. On the date of the default hearing, my wife finally appeared in court, but rather than issue a default judgment the judge ordered we had to try


Can I Appeal An Unfair Child Support Ruling?

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Question: I would like to appeal a child support ruling. My ex-wife receive an uncontested divorce from me several years ago because I was never notified of the trial and thus never received an opportunity to speak to the judge. As part of the divorce, I was ordered to pay