Explaining How The Discovery Process Works


“Discovery” is the process we use to identify and collect information and documents relevant to the issues in your case. As with every other aspect of your case, at Cordell & Cordell, discovery is a team effort. The first step in our discovery process is to meet with our clients


Avoid The Mistake Of Moving Out During Divorce

marital home

One of the very first steps guys make during the divorce process is often their biggest mistake. Your wife tells you she wants a divorce. You’ve been fighting constantly for months, and while you’d love for this to work, you’ve also reached your breaking point. It would probably be best


Accessing Account Passwords During Divorce

credit cards

Question: During our marriage, my wife and I stored all of our account passwords on a sheet of paper in our home office. During mediation, we agreed to provide the previous three months of bank statements, which should include credit cards. I handed mine over, but she has refused to


How To Deal With An Overly-Burdensome Interrogatory


Question: My wife served me a 60-page interrogatory with 133 questions and many subparts. I believe this is unreasonable as I am aware of objections to almost all of the questions. Can I force them to reduce the number of questions based on burden and relevance to the case?