A Grandparent’s Right To Custody

grandparent's rights

Question: My 3-year-old grandson has lived with me for the majority of his life because his mother (my daughter) is homeless and his father has not been in the picture. Now, his dad has reappeared and says he wants custody. What rights does he have as the child’s father? Do


Can Grandparents File For Custody?

grandparents' rights

Question: Both my 14- and 7-year-old grandsons have been abused repeatedly by their parents. Do I, as their grandmother who has been their only source of stability, have the right to obtain custody and what is the quickest way to have the youngest boy placed with me?


Ex’s Parents Want Shared Parenting Rights

Question: My ex has a children’s services case in which it states that she is not allowed to have physical contact with our two children. Originally, we had a shared parenting plan in the divorce, so she’s now requesting that her parents keep the children during her time instead of


What Visitation Rights Do Grandparents Have?

grandparent visitation rights

By Tamara Hoffstatter Men’s Divorce Attorney Children of divorce have enough disappointment just facing the fact that their mom and dad don’t love each other anymore. It can be devastating coupled with the loss of not seeing their grandparents. So what visitation rights do grandparents have after divorce?