Child Support Laws: How To Stop Garnishment Of Wages

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Question: My ex-wife’s parents have child custody of my 21-year-old daughter, who now has a child of her own and no longer lives with her grandparents. Seemingly out of nowhere, my paychecks started being garnished for child support even though it was determined my ex-wife should be the one paying


Can grandparents be granted visitation rights?

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Question: We are grandparents who helped raise our granddaughter for many years before it was revealed that our son was not her biological father. We have now been shut out of our granddaughter’s life because her family says since we are not the biological grandparents we can no longer see


Grandparents’ Rights

By Molly Murphy Attorney, Cordell & Cordell In recent years, the issue of whether a grandparent has the right to visitation with a grandchild has become more prevalent. Sadly, when parents decide to get divorced the parents of the non-custodial parent often end up cut off from their grandchildren.  


How can I regain custody from grandparents?

Question: Until recently, my daughter has lived with her grandparents. She was sent back to live with us and we would like to transfer her to a school closer to our home than have her travel across town to keep going to her current school. What do I need to