Why It Pays To Settle Your Divorce Out Of Court

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Negotiating the terms of a divorce agreement isn’t easy even when you and your ex are parting on good terms. When there’s animosity between the two of you, the process turns into a complete nightmare. Surprisingly, the percentage of cases that settle before trial is very high. Typical divorce settlements


Video: The Benefits Of Avoiding Litigation

One of the most overwhelming aspects of divorce is figuring out how in the world you’re going to pay for everything. Part of the problem is that estimating how much a divorce is going to cost is practically impossible because the unique circumstance of each case can cause that amount


Can A Morality Clause Prevent Me From Dating?

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Question: I am going through a divorce and recently went through mediation. She drew up a document stating I can’t have any other women around our children (specifically my girlfriend) unless I get married. This basically makes dating impossible for me. Is she able to do this?


Which Parent Decides Where The Kids Go To School?


Question: My ex-wife and I have 50/50 legal and physical custody of our 4-year-old daughter. My ex wants to send her to private school, but I would rather she attend the local public school near me. Both schools have great reputations. What can we do to resolve this disagreement?


Top Five Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

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The early stages of divorce can seem overwhelming. You’re likely sorting through difficult emotions and stressed about what the future might hold. During this time, it can be hard to know where to turn and what are the first steps you need to take to protect yourself, your assets, and


5 Tips For Succeeding In Mediation


In some states, such as Florida where I am licensed to practice, mediation may be a requirement before being able to obtain a final hearing or trial before the judge. This means that often times, mediation may feel and seem like merely a stepping stone to scheduling trial. However, mediation