5 Snow Day Custody Exchange Tips

snow day

As temperatures start to drop, it’s only a matter of time before that first big winter storm rolls through wiping out school for the day (or days). Nothing is more glorious for a child than a snow day, but it can cause all kinds of confusion for divorced parents.


DadsDivorce Live: Co-Parenting Through Conflict

Divorce legally ends a relationship, but realistically you will almost always maintain at least some degree of communication with your former spouse, especially if you have children. Therefore, it is in your best interest to find a way to effectively communicate in order to establish a co-parenting plan. 


DadsDivorce Live: Effectively Co-Parenting After Divorce

Children of divorce face a number of health and developmental risks that can last well into adulthood. However, research shows that one of the most effective ways to mitigate those risks is by granting access to both parents via effective co-parenting. Unfortunately, working with your ex to craft a reasonable


Put Children First During Divorce

Although divorce is sometimes unavoidable and can ultimately be for the best for all parties involved, the decision to dissolve a marriage should never be taken lightly. As the above BuzzFeed video illustrates, divorce can have long-lasting effects years down the road not just for you, but also your children.


More Shared-Parenting Progress On The Horizon

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The shared-parenting movement is continuing to make enormous strides in 2015. In May, Utah passed House Bill 35, which increased the noncustodial parents’ minimum visitation days from 110 to 145. Now, Massachusetts appears to be on the verge of passing a pair of shared-parenting bills that would favor joint custody


Divorce Dilemma: Choose Your Battles Wisely

Divorce Dilemma

By Dad “X” Divorce is inherently combative. Unfortunately having attorneys writing letters back and forth is expensive and should be part of a consideration you show your ex should the question of you being combative comes up in court. With every outrageous breaking of a divorce decree or parenting plan,


Seeking Child Custody As An Unwed Father


Men often face an uphill battle in family courts because of antiquated gender stereotypes, but that hill is even steeper for unwed fathers seeking custody of their children. Over the last 50 years, the number of children born to unmarried parents has exploded. Since 1960, the share of births to


Consider Child-Centered Divorce Strategies

child-centered divorce

By Sara Gabriella, Contributing Author Effects of Divorce on Children Numerous studies over the past decades that have evaluated the effect of divorce on children’s mental and emotional development have identified the level of conflict between parents, and how well they navigate co-parenting, as the primary factors in determining whether