Is My Fiancée Allowed Around My Children?


Question: I have been divorced for a couple years and recently got engaged. My children love my fiancée, but my ex-wife is very upset about the living arrangements and has threatened to call the police if our kids are left alone with my wife-to-be. Can she do that? There is


Does The Right Of First Refusal Apply?

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Question: My ex-spouse and I share 50/50 legal/physical custody of our two children. We follow a one-week alternating custody schedule and both agreed to a right of first refusal in our stipulation, which is vague at best. I frequently work nights and she exercises her first right of refusal by


Signing Over Temporary Custody To Relative

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Question: I am in the midst of a custody battle, though I have temporary sole custody of my children. I have a lot of upcoming business travel that I cannot cancel, so I am wondering if I can assign power of attorney or temporary custody to my mother who is


My Ex Never Offers Me Right of First Refusal

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Question: My custody schedule has a right of first refusal clause that my ex-wife exercises almost every time I have to work, though she never lets me use the clause when she is busy. Per our parenting time schedule, I have the kids every other weekend and every Tuesday night