The 12 Weirdest Marriage & Divorce Laws In The World

divorce lawsIn Maryland, people seeking divorce often must swear in court that they have not spent the night with their spouse in the past year – and a witness must corroborate that.

A bill is being considered that would end that arcane requirement. Although this exercise seems outdated, it is hardly the most absurd divorce statute in the United States.

Things get even zanier if you consider some of the laws around the world.

Here are 12 of the weirdest marriage and divorce laws in the world.

Saudi Arabia – In Saudi Arabia, a woman can legally divorce her husband if he fails to bring her fresh coffee every morning.

Hong Kong – If a woman in Hong Kong discovers her husband cheating on her, she is legally allowed to kill him. One catch, she can only use her bare hands. She is allowed to kill the mistress in any manner.

Samoa – In Samoa, it is legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he forgets her birthday.

France – France is currently the world’s capital in posthumous matrimony where it is legal to marry someone who has died. This practice sadly dates back to World War I when many people lost their partners in the war.

The Philippines – The Philippines might as well be known as the land of no divorce. Aside from Vatican City, it is the last country in the world in which divorce is not allowed.

Monaco – All you have to do to tie the knot in Monaco is write a note announcing your marriage on a piece of paper and post it in the local town hall. However, the note must remain there for at least 10 days, which also must include two Sundays. If couples fail to leave the note posted long enough their marriage might not count.

Wichita, Kan. – Can’t stand your in-laws? You might want to consider moving to the Sunflower State then, because in Wichita a man’s mistreatment of his mother-in-law cannot be used as a ground for divorce.

Truro, Mass. – Think you’re ready to tie the knot? Well, you better be a good marksman if you’re planning on marrying in Truro, Mass. A groom-to-be must first “prove himself manly” by hunting and killing either six blackbirds or three crows.   

Detroit, Mich. – It is illegal for a man to scowl at his wife on Sunday.

Arkansas – For a few months in 2007 and 2008, anyone younger than 18 could get married with their parents’ permission. The law was intended to establish 18 as the minimum age to marry but also allow pregnant teens to marry with parental consent, but lawmakers forgot to include an age minimum.

Vermont – Women in Vermont are required to get written permission from her husband to get false teeth.

Delaware – When trying the get an annulment in Delaware, one of the options to choose as a reason is “because of a jest or dare.”

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