Video: The Differences Between Austere & Harsh Parenting

Let’s face it, parenting isn’t easy. As many books and resources as there are devoted to parenting, the fact of the matter is that every family is different so what works for one family isn’t necessarily going to work for another.

In fact, what worked for our parents isn’t necessarily working for today’s parents as we’re seeing modern dads interact with their children in new and different ways compared to previous generations.

When parents discipline their children, two of the most prominent styles utilized are referred to as austere and harsh parenting. These two methods are similar, but have subtle differences. Luma Simms is an Associate Fellow at The Philos Project who has studied both styles and their effect on children. She joins DadsDivorce to explain their differences and gives tips for parents seeking to strike a balance between disciplining their children without being overly harsh.

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