What Is The Definition Of ‘Shared’ Custody?

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If a mother has the children 17 days out of the month and the father has the children 13 days of the month, is this considered “shared” custody?


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Shared custody is defined as substantial time with both parents. In other words, it does not have to be an even 50-50 division of time in order to be considered “shared.”

Custody is generally looked at through overnights meaning the courts where I practice count overnights, not the number of hours in a day a parent is with a child. Courts also look at the schedule on a 14-day basis because one week is an odd number of days.

The question becomes, then, how many overnights of 14 does each parent have? Seven of 14 would be equal 50-50 shared custody. Six of 14 (or about 3 overnights each week) is also considered shared. Five of 14 is moving towards shared.

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Partial custody would be what a parent has if he or she does not have substantial time. The quintessential partial custody arrangement is every other weekend, and perhaps a night during the week, for example.

The counterpart to partial custody is primary custody. In other words, if you have partial, then the other parent would have primary.

So, although your calculations don’t follow the idea of “how many of 14” but rather “how many a month” based upon what you are saying, it sounds like the father has about 3 overnights per week, which would be considered “substantial” time in my state.

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    I live in California, and i would like joint custody of our son. My name is not on the birth certificate and In fact he is my Son and I live and work in California. I was not married to her,How do i go about filing for joint custody?

    Please Advise, Thank You

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