When Does Temporary Alimony End?

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I am currently paying temporary alimony to my estranged wife. Will this support stop once I go to court for the divorce hearing? If not, how long will I be required to pay alimony?


I am not licensed to practice law in your state. Therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your and can only provide you with general information concerning temporary support and divorce.

If I could, I would want to ask you why you are paying temporary alimony to your estranged wife. Are you paying it because the court has ordered you to do so? Or are you paying it because she has told you to do so?Utah divorce attorney Dena Morgan

If you are paying temporary alimony because the court has ordered you to do so, it may or may not be terminated when you go to court for the divorce hearing.

If the court has entered an order for the alimony; I can only guess that they have found some grounds for doing so. In order for the court to change its order for temporary alimony, you likely need to produce evidence explaining why the court should change the alimony for the permanent order.

You could have a professional conduct a vocational assessment – stating how much they belief your wife can make and how likely she is to be able to do so and support herself.

If you do not present new evidence to the court so that the judge can determine whether your wife really needs a permanent alimony award, the court is not likely to change the decision they have already made.

However, at your divorce hearing, the Judge should enter a time frame for the alimony so that you will know when it will end.

Remember, I am unable to provide you with anything more than general divorce tips, so please consult a domestic litigation attorney in your area to obtain specific advice as to the laws in your and how they impact your circumstances.

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    Is Service Connected Disability Payments considered income during a divorce proceeding, specifically in the discovery process? I currently have a job but believe that my VA payments are exempt from income.

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