Will My Girlfriend’s Income Affect My Child Support Payments?

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Will my girlfriend’s income affect how much I am required to pay each month in child support?


I do not practice law in your state. Therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your state and can only provide you with general tips regarding your situation.

Every state has very different laws on how child support can be calculated and what income can be included as income available for support. In Wisconsin, where I practice law, a girlfriend, who you live with cannot have her income directly included as income available for child support.

However, the court can consider income from someone a person is living with when looking at the totality of a person’s circumstances and ability to pay support. So, for example, a judge might determine that because a person is living with someone and therefore has no rent expense, that a person in that situation would have an ability to pay more support because their expenses are limited.

I do not know about the specific laws of your state, but most states allow courts a fair amount of discretion in determining child support amounts. A domestic litigation attorney in your area could provide you with additional insights into what is legal in your state and what arguments you may be able to make to limit how much child support you’re ordered to pay.

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One comment on “Will My Girlfriend’s Income Affect My Child Support Payments?

    In other words with out coming out and just saying it its the judges discretion or parragative to include yiyr girlfriends income. Since your living with someone your expenses will be lower. Gotta read between the lines on this underhanded answer..

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