Video: How Can A Divorce Coach Help In Your Divorce?

It’s common for couples going through marital troubles to enlist the help of a marriage counselor, and many people seek the help of a financial advisor to help get their economic situation in order. Hiring a certified professional for guidance is a smart way to make it through many life


How To Maintain Health And Fitness During Divorce


Dave Smith is a personal trainer and weight loss coach widely recognized as one of the best in the fitness industry. In 2013, he was chosen as Canada’s Top Fitness Professional.” Smith is also divorced. And the divorce process wreaked havoc on his health, just like it does for a


4 Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

snow day

As December rolls along, the temperature in most parts of the country will continue to drop. Not only does winter signal plunging temps, but also shorter days and the start of cold and flu season. It’s very challenging this time of year for parents to keep their kids active and