4 Unusual Divorce Trends

divorce trendsDivorce attorneys often say it’s difficult to predict how a divorce will end up because every case is different and has its own unique set of circumstances.

Similarly, the manner in which people respond to divorce varies from person to person. One guy might be relieved to have that part of his life behind him while another struggles through stages of grief and wonders if the marriage could have been saved.

This array of responses has led to some unusual trends people have used to help them transition through different stages of the divorce process.

Here are four of the more unique divorce trends that have developed in recent years.

Divorce selfie

A couple years ago, Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight snapped a joyful selfie of themselves holding their freshly signed divorce papers and posted the image to Instagram.

The post went viral, and more couples have taken their own “divorce selfies” since. Some have taken offense to this trend, arguing it is offensive to celebrate the end of a marriage, which society typically treats as a tragedy.

However, the stigma surrounding divorce tends to breed conflict and makes it harder to split amicably, which is what Hinson and Knight were trying to do.

“Michelle and I have a good sense of humor about this,” Hinson told the Huffington Post. “And we also wanted to let people know that this didn’t have to be a negative experience. We are choosing to move forward with love.”

Divorce parties

Another way to put a different spin on divorce is by throwing a divorce party.

Although divorce is a harrowing experience for many, it also leads to a new level of freedom that can lead to personal reinvention and rejuvenation. So rather than grieving, some people feel like celebrating after divorce.

Some divorce parties include just one of the parties of the divorce and their friends and families, but others actually include both spouses and are a sort of way for them to have one last hurrah together as they attempt to transition into an amicable friendship post-divorce.

Cordell & Cordell understands the concerns men face during divorce.


One of the big worries parents have when they’re considering divorce is what effect all that instability will have on their children. Some parents are attempting to keep things as stable and unchanged as possible by setting up “bird’s nest” custody arrangements.

“Birdnesting” involves the children remaining in one house with the parents moving in and out during the week depending on who is supposed to have custody. In theory, this makes for a simpler transition for the kids since there is less disruption to their living situation.

This arrangement can be effective for some families if they coordinate it well. However, it should be noted that research typically shows it is the amount of parental conflict a child is exposed to, more than any other factor, that leads to negative outcomes.

Crowdfunding divorce

Crowdfunding involves getting people online to donate money to help fund a project or venture. Popular websites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter allow users to fund everything from their startup businesses to their dream vacations.

As the trend has grown, some people have even used crowdfunding to cover the costs of their divorce. This might not seem like a bad idea, considering how pricey and unpredictable divorce costs can be.

While some people might find this to be a useful way to mitigate divorce expenses, you should be careful how you go about it. You don’t want to reveal intimate details about your breakup for the sole purpose of enticing people to donate.

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    There are some people, who love getting divorce because they already stuck up in their relationships. Some bash them for having a divorce party, maybe it’s their way to deal with pain. We can’t predict people’s decision, but we can guide them. We at Wise & Donahue listens to our clients’ needs and concerns, carefully considering that every client’s personal and family circumstances are varied.

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