Does Child Support Cover Summer Childcare Expenses?

child supportQuestion:

My ex recently asked what my plans are for covering childcare during the summer on the days that I have the kids. This wasn’t necessary last year because of our schedules.

I was under the impression that my child support should cover that. Our decree contains no specific provisions regarding childcare.

Am I responsible for this or is child support supposed to include that?


I am not licensed to practice in your state and therefore cannot provide legal advice, but I can give some general tips regarding your situation.

This sounds like a child custody and child support issue. Your ex is asking you about your childcare arrangements on the days that you have your children.

In North Carolina, where I am licensed to practice, generally, the court order or agreement determines the terms of a child custody arrangement. If the agreement or order does not address a particular issue, then the parties can either come to a verbal agreement about how they will handle that particular issue, or seek a modification of the child custody arrangement from the court to address that issue.

Generally, the child support order awards child support based on the child custody arrangement. If the schedules have changed, then it is advisable to seek a modification of the child custody and child support order. Without a court modification, the parties must abide by the order as it is currently written.

Therefore, if the order does not address childcare, then the parties must either come to an agreement between themselves regarding childcare, or go back to court to have the court modify the order to address childcare.

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