4 Ways To Handle Celebrating Mother’s Day With Your Ex-Wife

mothers day divorceMother’s Day is difficult for divorced parents and it’s a situation a large chunk of the population has to deal with.

Although you’re no longer together, your ex-wife is the mother of your children and deserves appropriate forms of recognition on Mother’s Day.

You want to show your children you still get along, if only for the sake of civil parenting, and part of proving that is acknowledging Mother’s Day instead of avoiding the situation.

Navigating the Gift Situation

Do some careful maneuvering to pick out an appropriate gift. Should it come from you, or be labeled with your children’s names? Do whatever feels most comfortable.

Standard Mother’s Day gifts like flowers or chocolates are a safe bet, and are perfectly appropriate to send to an ex-wife for Mother’s Day. Companies like FTD will ship these items right to her door, making it less awkward for you.

You could also help your children pick out a personal gift such as a favorite movie, hobby supplies, or a gift card for her favorite restaurant.

Cordell & Cordell understands the concerns men face during divorce.

Custody Concessions

If you have joint custody, you may end up taking care of your children when Mother’s Day rolls around. Make a concession for the holiday and let your kids spend the day with mom, recommends Divorce Help for Parents.

When she’s celebrating Mother’s Day as a single mom, this day is probably rough on her as well, so acknowledging you still respect her as a mother will boost her morale.

Help With the Planning

In many cases, Mother’s Day celebrations are planned as a joint effort by the husband and children. Even though you’re divorced, your ex-wife will still appreciate you planning the celebrations for the day, says Our Family Wizard.

Help your child make a list of suggestions for places to go out to eat, fun things to do and other places that commonly came into play during celebrations in the past.

Step Carefully Around Significant Others

If your ex-wife is dating or involved, talk with her to see if it is appropriate for you to help celebrate Mother’s Day. Her significant other may already have plans made. In that case, it’s most appropriate to send over your children with a small gift or card, and leave the rest to your ex-wife and her boyfriend.

On the other hand, if you’re dating someone inform them that you’d like to celebrate Mother’s Day with your ex-wife and children, make it clear there are no romantic feelings attached to this choice.

You don’t want to run the risk of confrontation on a day that’s supposed to be celebrating the mother of your child, so do everything you can to keep any conflict out of the celebrations. Remember, communication is key, even after a divorce.

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13 comments on “4 Ways To Handle Celebrating Mother’s Day With Your Ex-Wife

    Just because the relationship ends, you do not stop being a mother to the child of the relationship. The work, responsibility, etc does not suddenly end. Regardless of personal feelings for the ex, she has given that man a child which is a gift for life. That is something that should always be recognized and appreciated. Without her, that child would not exist. I believe it is important to show some sort of appreciation. It does not have to be a gift but a short note in a blank card where you can keep it as platonic as possible is a good option if things are not in a great place. Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there no matter what situation you find yourself in. Its a tough job but one of the most important in the world. (I feel similarly about Fathers Day btw)

    I think that this article is terrible advice. I do not think it is your obligation to celebrate your ex on Mother’s Day and get her a gift. I think it’s great to help the children to get her a gift and possibly say happy Mother’s Day to her, but especially if remarried I think it wouldn’t be appropriate to buy flowers and a card for her, or give any gift from you to your ex.

    This article was written for a situation I haven’t seen. If I gave my ex flowers or chocolates she would think we were getting back together. And, my girlfriend would feel insecure. I think a card can be appropriate. Mother’s Day isn’t called “wife’s day” for a reason; let her children celebrate with her how they will.

    You forgot a section about about dealing with the toxic ex who still expects the seas to part. Call me what you will, but this particular type of ex deserves distance, not more gifts.

    It would be nice if your ex-wife starts to understand your children’s feeling and emotions. That way, your children can feel mother’s love.

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    This has actually happened twice now. My Wife had received presents from her 6 years old girls father ( her ex). The first was on Valentines day in the form of a dozen roses. Now on Mothers day she open a gift from her “daughter” a 75 dollar gift certificate to a salon.

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    mothers day gift from Ex
    This has actually happened twice now. My Wife had received presents from her 6 years old girls father ( her ex). The first was on Valentines day in the form of a dozen roses. Now on Mothers day she open a gift from her “daughter” a 75 dollar gift certificate to a salon.

    Is this appropriate or not??? Dazed and confused in Mississippi.

    Very much so. It has nothing to do with romantic feeling… He is the father of her children. So like it ot not, if you choose to Marry her. You are stuck with him forever. Just as she is stuck with him. Do not ever Deny the right to show respect. This may be you one day. I will always love my ex wife, its because she is the mother of my children. You can not change that. And if you do want to change that. Then youbare wrong for wanting that.

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