6 Strategies To Divide Debt During Divorce

divding debt divorceIt is a rare couple that does not incur debt during a marriage.

Divorce calls for dividing up the debts, but it can be a frustrating and confusing process.


Handling Debt When Facing Divorce

Read the following strategies that you could make use of so that you’re able to divide up the debts in a tolerable manner.

1. Get in touch with a men’s divorce attorney: The very first thing you could do is get in touch with a men’s divorce attorney who can better advise about the divorce laws in your state. With the emotional turmoil that’s associated with a divorce, there is also the need for professional support and guidance when handling a debt settlement.

2. Put together a list of all your debts: You need to make that extra effort and compile a complete list of all the debts that you owe, irrespective of whether they’re joint or separate. You should also list the name of the creditor concerned, what the balance amount is, and the account number in question.

3. Understand that separate debts stay on: You’ve got to understand the fact that the debts which had been incurred separately and were created before marriage are going to stay with the particular spouse who incurred them.

4. Determine each of yours income and the overall situation: It’s important for you to determine each of yours individual incomes and judge the overall situation for both of you as an individual, too. For example, if you plan to go back to college afterwards, then surely you’re going to have a harder time paying off your debts.

5. Decide on debts that can be paid off immediately: Scrutinize the overall debt situation and decide if there are any debts that can be paid off immediately. The more you can get rid off and the sooner you can do that, the easier things are going to become for you and your divorcing spouse.

6. Gather necessary information about debt relief: Once you realize with the help of your attorney which are the debts you have to pay, then instead of wasting time find out all you can about debt settlement and consolidation programs, so that things become smoother for you.

The aftermath of the divorce isn’t easy to deal and debt compounds that. However, it’s not an impossible task, either, if you consider the above six strategies to dividing debt during divorce.

Learn how your state will divide marital property. For more information and to contact a divorce lawyer near you, please contact Cordell & Cordell.

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