How aggressive is enforcement of child support?

Jason BowmanQuestion: I pay child support to my ex-wife in Texas. I recently moved from Texas to California for a job. I am on community supervision for a contempt charge for failure to pay child support in the past.

This year, I have continued paying child support but got behind on medical reimbursement. If they revoke my community supervision, a warrant will be issued for my arrest. I am trying to pay what I owe, but have been unable.

If a warrant is issued, will they come to California to arrest me?

Answer: I do not practice in Texas, but Cordell & Cordell has attorneys in Texas that would be willing to assist you with your issue.

Enforcement of child support and how aggressive child support is enforced varies state by state. Even if you are outside the jurisdiction of Texas, you would not want a warrant issued for your arrest.

It is usually better to be proactive and contact the agency or the Court rather than wait for them to come after you.


Jason Bowman is an Associate Attorney in the Louisville, Kentucky office of Cordell & Cordell, P.C. Mr. Bowman is licensed in the states of Kentucky and Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Louisville, and received his Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University. Mr. Bowman practiced Domestic Relations for four years with a Louisville firm, and practiced general law for one year. He is an adjunct professor with Indiana Wesleyan University where he teaches business law.

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