Ask a Lawyer: Can a lawyer from another state be involved in my case?


I received a letter today outlining a denial of visitation among some other requests from an attorney in NJ. Florida retains jurisdiction over my case and this attorney is not licensed in Florida nor has he entered an appearance with Florida regarding the case. Can this attorney be legally involved in my case? Should I discuss my case with this attorney or should I reject his letter? Do I have any recourse?


I am not licensed in the State of Florida or New Jersey and therefore cannot answer you question specifically to the laws of those States. I do not see a problem with his actions to date. He has not practiced law in Florida and would likely pass the case to a local attorney if something is filed in court. He could attempt to appear pro hac vice in which he would request Florida to allow him to practice for this one case only. I cannot make a recommendation as to whether you should discuss this issue with the attorney or refuse to respond.
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