What Are the Various Child Support Strategies?


Can you explain the difference between the various child support strategies. I am from a state that I believe uses the “shared income” model.

In my situation it seems that even though my ex has “residential” status I would be awarded child support based upon 50/50 and the large disparity in our incomes.




The “shared income” model uses both parents’ incomes to determine the amount of child support, and then apportions the child support based on each parent’s relative percentage of the total income.  There may also be adjustments to the calculation, such as child support paid for a child not of this relationship, health insurance premiums, daycare expenses, and other such payments.  There may also be a credit for the amount of parenting time that the non-custodial parent exercises.  It is possible for one parent to pay the other parent child support under this model, even with a 50/50 split of the time with the children.


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    How much u charge and do u go to marshal county.he need help to see his kids. she won’t let him

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