Do I Have To Provide My Income/Tax Information?



My case is nearly complete. I have been wronged from the start and I have a lawyer that has charged me almost $15,000 with nothing in my favor to support it.

My ex wifes lawyer is now asking me to provide my yearly income and tax information. Is this normal? Do I have to supply this, my lawyer said I did. He has been wrong at my expense already and I am too close to being finished to switch laywers now, nor can I afford a new one.

I do not want to “willingly” provide my annual earnings/tax info, she has taken everything already.



Under most circumstances income information is discoverable.  Meaning yes you are required to provide it.  If your case involves child support or is a divorce, your income would be relevant.   There may be mechanisms to protect this information from being part of the public court record.  For example, if you own or are part owner in a business , you may be able to obtain a protective order to protect the business records from being disbursed.  Your wife would still have access to these records.


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