DadsDivorce Live: A Family’s Heartbreak Interview

DadsDivorce editor, Rick Ortiz, discusses the book, A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction To Parental Alienation Syndrome with author Mike Jeffries.

Jeffries documents the painful experience of watching a beloved child be pulled away through the mind control of a parent who is set on forcing the child to align with them while alienating the non-custodial parent.  

Our discussion centers around the author’s ongoing struggle to make sense of his situation and remain connected to his child, the technical aspects of writing a book that helps make sense of this bizarre form of abuse to others who are experiencing it, and his hope for the future of his own family and the disintegrated families of other victims of PAS.

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Read Jeffries’ book,  A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parents Introduction to Parental Alienation Syndrome.

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4 comments on “DadsDivorce Live: A Family’s Heartbreak Interview

    To Margie, Ivy and Step Mom…

    Thank you for your comments. I hope the interview helped you deal with your very painful situations. As we say in A Family’s Heartbreak, their is no instructional manual for dealing with parental alienation. The best thing we can do is take care of ourselves — physically, emotionally and mentally — for the other people in our lives and for our alienated children. When our children do reach out to us they should discover healthy and happy Moms and Dads who are pleased to have them back in their lives — no strings attached.

    Anyone can reach me anytime at


    I have lost my son to PAS. I have battled it alone for the past 5 years. He is now graduating from high school. I will be attending his graduation this weekend. He will refuse to see me but at least I can watch him walk across the stage.
    I have never had the money to fight against Parent Alienation, and even if I had the finances I’m afraid our courts would not recognize PAS. It is my prayer that all fathers and mothers who have been alienated from their children recover the loving and healthy relationships they once had with their children.
    My pain has been so great tonight that I was trying to find comfort in anything I could. I went to this website, I have received a return e-mail from Mike Jeffries and I have watched his video which discusses his book. When I watched the video I realized that I have lived Mike’s life for the past 5 years. Everything he mentioned I have lived and continue to live. It answered my questions as to why my ex husband would do this and why my son would agree to go along with it. Some of my tears are now those of relief in understanding why and knowing that I am not alone.

    You told our story, Mike!
    thank you Mike! this is our story. i have researched and researched and come to the only conclusion, but trying to enlighten even custody evaluators, attorneys, therapists has created more dissonance as now i am labeled “impulsive” when in reality i know the truth of the core issues of the severely alienating obsessed father and the only solution to rescue my 3 children from a lifetime of severe repercussions.
    what to do, i just don’t know, i pray. please share your experience, strength, and hope with me Mike.
    thank you.
    Expecting breakthroughs!

    I watched my husband’s relationship with his daughter go from velcro, a child who wouldn’t allow him to spend a single waking hour more than arm’s length distance from him, to a child who has seen him twice in the last four years.

    We were given a diagnosis of PAS by a social worker, who was unable to act without the mother’s consent. We were offered family counselling but would not have been allowed to bring the two girls most abused by the situation without their mother’s permission.

    When the social worker asked for the permission, the mother replied “I don’t know what my daughter has to do with their family needing counselling”. And she refused the permission.

    I hope that one day, this problem is truly seen and appreciated accordingly for what it is; child abuse.

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