Ask A Lawyer: How Valuable Are Text Messages?


Hello, I just filed for divorce and my wife is not going to sign the papers.  She said she’s going to take me for all I have and take my son.

I don’t know what I can do about my problem.

How valuable are the text messages where she threatened what she intends to do?




Well, since she was nice enough to let you know what her strategy will be, plan accordingly.  File pleadings with the court to restrict access to your finances (so she can’t "take you for all you got") and to your son (so she cannot "take him"). 

The text messages may be important, so do save them. 


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    What do you think about Hogan V Mississippi US. Oconner flatly states Mississippi shall not discriminate on the basis of gender. Can’t we use this good law (Equal Protection, 14th & 5th Amendment) to obtain equal treatment of father/men in the divorce setting?

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