Ask A Lawyer: The Ultimate Sacrifice


Is it true that if you give up all your rights to the child, you also don’t have to pay child support anymore?







You need to consult an attorney in your jurisdiction as child support guidelines vary from state to state.  If your parental rights are terminated either by state action or through some type of adoption action your support obligation ceases. 

However you cannot just walk away from your child, have the state become involved and expect to not pay child support.  If the state expends monies and/or services to provide care for your child, the state will require you to pay support for the child that will reimburse the state for their involvement in the case.



Tiffany A. McFarland is a Senior Attorney and Litigation Manager with Cordell & Cordell, P.C. in the Overland Park, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri offices. Ms. McFarland practices exclusively in the area of domestic relations. 

Tiffany is licensed in the state of Missouri and the state of Kansas and is certified as a Guardian ad Litem.

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