Ask a Lawyer: Visitation And Child Support


I have visitation rights with my son. He is now 18 years old and he has not been to my house in 3 years. I have had very limited contact with him by phone. I have continued to pay the support, but I just found out that he will not be graduating this May. When I call his house I am hung up on or my call goes directly to the machine. Can I file something to stop the support even if he continues with high school and graduates late? I feel I have fulfilled my obligation, and I will not assume any responsibility for his failures in school since I was not allowed to participate.


I am not licensed in Missouri. You should also consult an attorney licensed in your state. Unfortunately, your obligation to support your son does not go hand in hand with your right to see him. In other words your support obligation does not terminate because of his refusal to visit with you. You need to contact an attorney in Missouri to determine if child support ends at 18 or when he graduates from high school. If it continues to high school graduation, determine if there is a means to terminate support based on your son failing to graduate on time.
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