Ask A Lawyer: What Are My Financial Obligations?


After twenty years of marriage, my wife and I separated for about a month in 2007. Shortly after my return to the house for a trial reunion, she was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer. After a year of treatments, she’s becoming healthier; but we both agree that our marriage has not gotten better.

We both want to separate again. She was just granted disability for herself and my son. What can I expect as financial obligations?

I would like to keep her on my insurance to limit her liabilities with the cancer. I worry that after a divorce the disability payments won’t be included as her income, and that I won’t have enough of my own income to live on.



Your financial obligations will  be determined by your state’s statutes and guidelines regarding support (child and/or spouse) and maintenance/alimony.  Generally your contribution is capped at a percentage of your income. 

Also, the question of keeping her on the health insurance depends on your policy.


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