Calculating Support If You Had More Children After Remarriage

divorce lawyer Daniel ExnerQuestion:

After divorcing, I got married and have had two children.

Would I receive any kind of offset or credit for my two children when figuring the child support amount? Would it be considered a serial family or intact family?


I am unable to give you legal advice on divorce. I can give general divorce help for men, though.

Probably not. In my state, child support guidelines are designed to give chronological priority to children. The presumption for support for your first two children will only consider their existence.

An argument can be made that the court should deviate from the guidelines based on your circumstances, but the court normally goes with the guidelines.

Contrarily, should a court ever consider support for your second set of children, you would receive credit as a serial payor since they are lower on the chronological ladder.

In your case, I would demonstrate your total child-related expenses to the court in an effort to possibly achieve a downward deviation from the standard child support guidelines.

To fully advise you on your situation, a complete understanding of your situation is necessary. I recommend contacting a family law attorney to review your case.

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