Can You Appear in Court Via Skype if You Live Out of State?

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What are the rules of court appearance when you live out of state?

I believe active duty military members are allowed to appear via Skype for court hearings, so is that an option available to civilians as well who do not live near the courthouse where proceedings will be taking place?


This answer only includes general divorce information for men as I am only licensed to practice in Oklahoma and cannot provide advice on divorce laws in your state.

Generally, outside of being in the military when it is wholly impossible to be present in court, there is not a right to appear by Skype if you are a party to a proceeding and live out of state. It will depend entirely on the judge assigned to your case as to whether you can appear by Skype.

When the matter is going to be set for hearing, it may be best to see if opposing counsel or the opposing party have an objection to you appearing by Skype and make a written request to the court to allow your appearance by Skype, noting that there is no objection.

If the judge does not approve your appearance by Skype, you will have to travel to appear in court.

It is always best to seek legal advice on divorce matters from a family law attorney in your state who can review and analyze all relevant facts and divorce laws.

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