What Can I Do If I’m Denied Holiday Visitation?

holiday visitationQuestion:

What can I do if the primary parent takes my children out of state during my assigned holiday visitation?


Please note that I am licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and will answer your question based on my knowledge and experience in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, if the opposing party refuses to abide by a court-ordered custody schedule, it is an option to file a petition for contempt to request that the court order sanctions against the opposing party for non-compliance.

Philadelphia Divorce Attorney Jaimie Collins
Philadelphia Divorce Attorney Jaimie Collins

In this state, sanctions can include make-up custodial time, fines, and even jail time. Depending on the circumstances of such a case, it may also be an option to file a petition for emergency custody to request that the court order the return of the child.

You should consult with an attorney barred in your state to discuss the facts of your custody case and options for relief further.

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2 comments on “What Can I Do If I’m Denied Holiday Visitation?

    I live in Alaska, our daughter’s mother has elected to use her two week vacation during my Birthday and my only one weekend of the month with our daughter. The Court Order stated she must give me a ninety day noticed prior to vacation and a 30 itinerary prior to departure, I received only a 72 days notice, she chose this weekend because it is my only weekend and the court order stated clearly that the child WILL be with the respected parent for their birthday, both of these events are the same weekend. I have already spoke with our local PD and our local FBI relating this and provided them everything they need; I was informed if I do not have our daughter per a Superior Court Judge Order, contact them immediately and an Amber Alert WILL be issues, I will have to travel to receive our daughter but the mother stays in that state and in Federal Prison. I have zero issue with my daughter’s mother having to do Prison time, I state this because we physically prove that she intentionally fabricated 319 falls accusations during divorce proceedings, this evidence including audio, video, email, witnesses, as well as witness tampering, and to make things worse our two-year-old daughter tested positive for an illegal drug in the mother’s custody. If you go online under Alaska Court View, I filed a protective order for our daughter against her mother for her illegal drug, this drug test was a hair follicle test.

    Been through it for 23 years. Been done a year now. Unless you petition for the parent denying the visitation to pay for your attorney fees to file your contempt then you are wasting your time. The parent denying will say the children didn’t want to go. Then the court mandates you and the Children to go to court ordered therapy and order you to pay.
    All of it is nothing more than costs to the parent that filed.
    Pa Family Division is only about litigation not about the children. They use the children as ponds and blame the parents.
    Please feel free to contact me. I am a seasoned Pro Se Litigant with filings in PA Superior and Supreme Court I can discuss what went on in my cases and you may be able to save yourself and your pocketbook.

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