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Caitlyn Ricci Over the past year, the New Jersey case involving 21-year-old Caitlyn Ricci’s lawsuit of her parents, Michael Ricci and Maura McGarvey, over college support has made national headlines. In November, Michael Ricci and Ms. McGarvey were ordered by a New Jersey judge to pay $16,000 of their daughter’s $26,000 annual college expenses (a decision they have appealed).

The lawsuit has sparked a debate over whether or not parents should be obligated to pay for their children’s college education and to what extent. Interestingly, it’s also shed some light on a New Jersey law that treats divorced parents differently from intact families.

Diana Bishara, an associate attorney at Cordell & Cordell’s Mount Laurel, N.J., office recently joined DadsDivorce Live to discuss the case’s developments and its ramifications.

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