Cons of Using Social Media for Dating

By Contel Bradford

Unfortunately, social media dating in general is one of those things that has more negatives than positives. (Read last week’s article “The Pros of Social Media Dating.”)

Here are some reasons why going social with your dating strategy might not be a good idea:

High Potential for Striking Out

Not everyone who logs into a social networking site is looking to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. In fact, most would prefer to spend their time chatting it up with friends, interacting with apps, and doing anything other than looking for a date.

With many of the social networks, users can let others know if they are in a relationship or reveal exactly why they’re networking right on their profile page.

Come off as too aggressive in your approach or throw “game” at women who aren’t interested, and you just may ruin your reputation. Once this happens, finding a date in the social space can be difficult at best.

Competition is Thick

As someone who has dabbles in social media for business purposes (sometimes), I know how tough it can be to get attention. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when you’re competing with so many other professionals who are there with similar objectives in mind.

If you plan on using social media to find dates, you may end up with the same dilemma on your hands. You aren’t the only fella digging through profile pictures looking for full body shots. Set your sights on a real looker, and the competition on a free-spirited social network like MySpace could rival the hottest local nightclub on a Saturday night.

The Drama Factor

People are obviously having success, but I’d be willing to wager that social media has helped destroy as many if not more relationships than it helped build. The potential for drama is high in this arena.

Who knows when your ex, who is still on your friends list for some strange reason, will pop in or a buddy posts something on your profile page that probably should have been kept private.

There is nothing wrong with using social media to play and conquer the field, but if you’re seeking a serious relationship, you need to be very careful. If you indulge, then you know that the social web puts your business in a public light like no other platform.

You Never Know

Regardless of how many enlightening conversations you’ve had with the people in your social network, there is no way to know who you’re really dealing with online unless you have interacted with them in real life.

The cute girl who bundled her cell phone number in that private message could be scorned from a previous relationship and desperate to unleash hell on the next man. Or the “down-to-earth girl-next-door type” could be the most materialistic nasty woman you’ve ever met.

You have to keep a guard up when dealing with people via social media because you don’t really know who you are talking to until you meet them.

Social media is beyond the rage, so knowing that it has become an integral component in the dating scene is not a revelation by any means. Opportunities are abundant, but beware, this isn’t your daddy’s dating game. The social element comes boasting an entirely different dynamic and pitfalls that will trap you if you don’t watch your step.

Note: (Read last week’s article “The Pros of Social Media Dating.”)


Contel Bradford is a professional freelance writer, journalist, and published author of multiple books. He specializes in many areas, including legal, divorce, and family-related topics. You can learn more about his services by visiting

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