DadsDivorce Live: Divorce In A Bad Economy

In this episode of DadsDivorce Live, family law attorney, Joseph Cordell, JD, CPA, LL.M explains strategies that are available in a weak economy to those have already committed to divorce. Divorce Strategies In A Bad Economy answers questions of why a weak economy offers new strategies and opportunities to the man with a thoughtful approach to ending his partnership.

For some guys divorce may make the most sense when they think they can least afford it.

Mr. Cordell explains how factors such as considering the present and future values of cash flows, diminished business values in times of economic recession, advantages available only to you because of your inside knowledge of your business, and other tools that you might not have realized are available to you can strengthen your position in settling your divorce.

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The newest installment of DadsDivorce Live features Cordell & Cordell Principal, Joseph Cordell discussing the tactics designed to protect what is yours in times of a weak economy.

Aimed at the professional who needs to protect what is his, Mr. Cordell’s show Cache Counsel is a must for anyone concerned with protecting hard-earned assets from creditors or predators.


Joseph E. Cordell is the Principal at Cordell and Cordell, PC, which he founded in 1990 with his wife, Yvonne.

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