DadsDivorce Live: Most Common Ways A Spouse Hides Assets

hidden assets divorceFinancial deceit during divorce proceedings is unfortunately common and occurring more frequently.

The topic discussed in this edition of DadsDivorce Live is the most common ways divorcing couples attempt to hide assets, and how you can tell if your spouse may be hiding something from you.

Joining editor Matt Allen is Jerome Johnson, a CPA who is Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and a principal at The Forensic Firm located in New Mexico. Mr. Johnson is an expert in specialized forensic financial services, particularly with regard to family law.

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6 comments on “DadsDivorce Live: Most Common Ways A Spouse Hides Assets

    We owned a restaurant. The decree said that we each were to pay our own bills for the last 6 months the business was open but she kept ALL of the profits. I have 95% of it documented in ‘Red Books” that I filled out daily and monthly. In addition, she opened a credit card in my name (by on line application) and charged her bills, some restaurant bills, and our daughter’s braces, mattress, and (a year’s worth of) school lunches. How can I recoup my half of the profits? How can I get her to pay her half of the Discover card?

    Divorced dad

    I am recently divorced in ny. I believe my ex wife has a lot of money/ assets she hid when we were married. Her father got caught with a Swiss account . I think there is money there and I would like to screw her.

    Any advice


    child support
    I was hurt on the job years ago and was on assistance from the stateto help pay my medical bills and living expenses including food stamps and Medicaid anyway I was unable to pay child support at that time which was approximately 1 year my question ismy rears is over $20,000 and gaines interests so much so it never changes I pay over $600 a month for 2 children in New Mexico of course she has a boyfriend two houses and lies about how much she makes I did not know at the time when I was injured to go get a modification for the child support I was also sending her money that she never reported I need to figure out how to get these rears settled it seems like it never willis there anything I can do to reduce child support and get my rears paid offof course I don’t have $20,000 but and willing to pay more and child support each month to go towards that

    My X has been planning this for over a year, she has put all assests and commission income in her boy friends name. She now has also moved in with him. She lost her job and is showing $1900.00 per month in unemployment income. She is demanding a huhe amount of child support from me. She drives a convertible mercedes, Hummer and lives in her boy friends 2 million dollar home. I make $30.00 per hour and barely get by…HELP

    Unaccountable for anything
    My ex has a cash business with few discernible records. Its remarkable how she manages to live her life style without income. Yet I am expected to provide detailed records. It’s an unfair double standard.

    my wife gets paid under the table,I am waitng for her financal affidavid
    My wife guit her job for two weeks to get legal aid lawyer.she filled out a blank fi av on the first court date.we will be going to court next week,I am waiting to see what she claims her weekly pay as I know what she truley makes.I will wait until we get in front of the judge to present the facts & ask to suponea her employer or ask the court to do a discovery motion,I am representing myself &don’t want to look like a fool.she gets paid in cash so it will be hard to track,unless I canget her employer to testify.what do you think?

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