DadsDivorce LIVE: Research Debunks Deadbeat Dad Myth

The term “deadbeat dad” evokes an image of a father willingly withholding financial and emotional support from his children and completely shunning his parental responsibilities.

However, research regarding low-income noncustodial fathers indicates that the term doesn’t typically match with reality. University of North Carolina sociologist and demographer Jennifer Kane recently helped author a study that appeared in the Journal of Marriage and Family that examined the non-cash goods provided by low-income nonresident dads to their kids and found further evidence that even the most financially disadvantaged fathers typically found ways to contribute to their children’s upbringing.

Dr. Kane recently joined DadsDivorce Live to discuss the types of fathers she looked at in the study, the ways in which they supported their families, and the various issues with the deadbeat dad myth.

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