DadsDivorce LIVE: Shared-Parenting Legislation

Nearly 20 states are currently considering passing shared-parenting legislation that would lead to more equal parenting time after divorce or separation. One of those states is Texas, where a “50/50 custody bill” is making its way through the legislature that would level the custody playing field for each parent by allowing judges to more easily grant equal time.

Cordell & Cordell Texas family law attorney Kelly Burris joined DadsDivorce Live to explain the bill’s significance and how it would lead to an increase in the number of shared-parenting arrangements in the state.

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4 comments on “DadsDivorce LIVE: Shared-Parenting Legislation

    shared parenting is a joke. what kind of stability does that create? my daughters father asked for it and he can only take her one night… if he shows up. all these kids will be living with unfit parents and no one cares anymore. my daughters father brought her to a sex offenders house, when it was in the order not to, and they said he seems genuine so it was swept under the rug. my poor girl has no stability to this day. the guy wont get involved in her schooling or pay a dime for anything, and NY make me share custody with this guy. who cares about our children and their behavior due to these issues? i do, and no one helps. I JUST DONT GET IT

    This appears to be an individual case that should be represented in court. If the father truly is not involved in the child’s well being then there is a case for the change in custody from the applied default of 50/50. This is the point of default as being 50/50 instead of primary to the mother. Every parent should have equal rights in the court’s, state’s, country’s eyes. Isn’t that what women have been fighting for since the beginning of this beautiful country? Why shouldn’t the father or other partner have the same rights?


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