DadsDivorce Live: The Different Types Of Family Law Hearings

There are various types of court hearings in family law and each serves a different purpose. 

Cordell & Cordell family law attorney Rebecca DeVincent joins DadsDivorce Live to explain the difference between each type of hearing, what the purpose of each is and what you can expect to happen at each one.

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Shawn Garrison is an Online Editor for Lexicon, focusing on subjects related to the legal services of customers, Cordell & Cordell and Cordell & Cordell UK. He has written countless pieces dealing with the unique child custody and divorce issues that men and fathers face. Through his work on,, and, Mr. Garrison has become an authority on the complexities of the legal experience and was a content creator for the YouTube series “Dad’s Divorce Live” and additional videos on both the Dad’s Divorce and Cordell & Cordell YouTube channels. Mr. Garrison has managed the sites of these customers, and fostered the creation of several of their features, including the Cordell & Cordell attorney and office pages, the Dad’s Divorce Newsletter, and the Cordell & Cordell newsletter.

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    How can I go about having my twins, father to relinquish his parental rights? No name , or signature on Birth Certificate, S.C., a Court Order for Child Support, garnished wages and he doesn’t pay until court time. In the past begged him to please be in their lives. Now, they are happy, we are happy and they have a father figure. Their biological father won’t be a active parent and is actually considered a Absent Parent in S.C.. Can he be forced to relinquish his PR? Thank YOU.

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