DadsDivorce Live: When Your Instincts Are Wrong


by Joseph Cordell, JD, CPA, LL.M

In this episode, Joseph Cordell talks with counselor, Jon Benigas, about the man’s natural response to being confronted with divorce and why the reactions are often the worst ways of coping.





The newest installment of DadsDivorce Live features Cordell & Cordell Principal, Joseph Cordell discussing the various ways that men put themselves in a bad position after being faced with divorce. Counselor, Jon Benigas, explains that the male method of coping often entails a desire to “solve” the problem. This can be the response that brings about the worst possible effects.


Joseph E. Cordell is the Principal at Cordell and Cordell, PC, which he founded in 1990 with his wife, Yvonne.

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