DadsStory Video Instructions

Create and edit your own video

OR we can edit your web video for you…

  • Send us your video footage recording your Activity or Idea (Be sure to include Actions Shots of kids, closeups, kids talking, kids doing the activity.)
  • Video Diary (shot of just you, talking on camera, telling us a little about yourself, your family, and why you came up with your idea/tip)

Example: "Hi, this is Tom and I have two awesome daughters.  Amy is 11 and Adriene is 7.  I’ve been divorce for 5 years now… at first it was tough but with all the support out there on the forums, I was able to make it through and appreciate my family that much more.  In my family, we like to cook so on the weekends when I have them we have pizza night where we do everything from scratch).

  • Feel free to submit pictures (of kids, of the final project, other activities you like to do, etc. and we’ll try to work them in).

Use the submision form here.

Or, send your tapes and info to:

11737 Administration Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

(All materials sent to DadsDivorce become property of DadsDivorce, but, if used we will send you a link to your web-ready video so you can show all your friends and family!)

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