DadsStory: What Did You Do For Your Divorce Party?

We at have noticed the increase of articles and blogs about “Divorce Parties” or other ways to celebrate the transition to life as a single man again. Even men who aren’t single per se because as a parent you’re never ever “single” again, are talking about the ways that they celebrated “The End” and the new beginning that divorce heralds in.

These parties are held once someone’s divorce has been finalized, marking the end of one life and heralding in the new.  Sounds like a typical New Years Eve party to us, but these parties appear to be becoming much more than that.  Even the English glamour model Katie Price is jumping on the band wagon, being paid 500,000 pounds to allow ITV, a public service network of British commercial television broadcasters, to telecast her celebratory event.


The themes of Divorce Parties are as different and individualized as each person’s wedding.

Some celebrate their divorces together with their friends, families, ex’s, and new found partners, all recognizing in what was good about the past relationship as they move forward in friendship.  Others celebrate their divorces as a newly single event, somewhat akin to the infamous bachelor and/or bachelorette party. 

Others express themselves by holding healing ceremonies, while others put on a more ex-bashing oriented event (hopefully they are not literal bashing events).  Even the party decorations range from divorce cakes, just-divorced banners, wedding ring coffins, and humorous napkins and cups.  Divorce Parties are a very personal experience aimed at helping the divorcee’s accept the changes in their lives, and acknowledge to everyone around them that they are alright, they have survived, and they are ready to move forward with their lives.

We have even found websites such as who actually provide divorcee’s with all the party supplies that a newly single person might need to launch themselves into a whole new phase of life. 

So now, DadsDivorce wants to know – What did you do for your Divorce Party?  If you have had a Divorce Party, or are planning to hold one, tell us about your plans.  If your event description is accepted, we will publish your event.  Send us your pictures and video if available.


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