Don’t Keep Secrets From Your Attorney

attorney client divorceBy Matt Allen


When asking a group of family law attorneys for divorce advice for men, most will say client communication is essential to a successful case.

Throughout the divorce process, it is vital that you communicate openly and honestly with your attorney.

It’s difficult to do since family law often involves very sensitive and personal matters and you are expected to open up to someone you barely know.

“But never think it is a good thing to hide something from your attorney because you think there is no way anyone will know about it, or because you are embarrassed or ashamed of something,” said Chad Jerome, a Cordell & Cordell attorney in New York.

You likely do not have a situation that your attorney has not already heard or dealt with before, he said.

“Nothing you tell me will shock me or is probably even the worst thing that I have heard today,” said Dorothy Ripka, another Cordell & Cordell attorney in Texas. “Clients need to know what they say is not being judged.”

Therefore, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about anything.

There are instances that aren’t filled with those uncomfortable details the client would rather remain secret, but clients still try and hide something from their attorney, such as not disclosing all their assets.

“When people think it is something that will never be known by anyone, it is something that is almost always found out,” Jerome said. “It is better to let your attorney know everything and then try to work towards achieving the best possible result for you.”

Your attorney is there to assist you, and the only way to do that is to share everything so the attorney is not blindsided, according to Cordell & Cordell lawyer Michelle Hughes.

“If I don’t know something, I can’t protect you from it in court,” she said.

That’s why communication is so crucial. Ultimately, how you and your attorney communicate with each other will be reflected in the presentation of your case to others.

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