Divorce and receiving SSI benefits

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I currently receive SSI benefits for my disability.

If I were to receive alimony or a majority of the assets in our divorce, would that affect the amount of SSI I would receive?


You need to keep in mind is that the property division and method of distribution can affect eligibility for SSI, depending on the type of asset or resource and its value.

You should know how each distribution, whether alimony or property division, will affect your eligibility for SSI so that a resolution can be fashioned which will maximize your financial resources as a person with a disability.

You will need to approach any dissolution of your marriage and the property division with a creative resolution to protect you as a disabled individual.

For example, instead of getting a monthly cash amount for alimony, you could fashion an agreement where your wife pays for certain expenses, like your phone, directly each month on your behalf.

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