Divorce Laws: What Is A Divorce From Bed And Board?

divorce laws questionsQuestion:

My question about divorce laws has to do with what I’ve heard is a “divorce from bed and board.”

Can you explain what a “divorce from bed and board” is and how it is different from a regular divorce?


I can only provide you with general divorce help for men and not specific legal advice on divorce as I am only licensed in North Carolina and unable to advise on the divorce laws in other states.

In North Carolina, the court may grant a divorce from bed and board to order one spouse or the other out of the marital home.

The party asking for their spouse to be ordered out of the residence will have to show the court that there are grounds for such an order, such as:

a) abandonment of his or her family;

b) maliciously turning the other out of doors;

c) cruel treatment that endangers the life of the other;

d) offers indignities to the other spouse that renders the condition of the other intolerable and life burdensome;

e) excessively uses drugs or alcohol so as to render the condition of the other intolerable and life burdensome; or

f) commits adultery.

Divorce Resource:

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This would not be an actual divorce from the other person, but would be a court ordered separation. It would begin the one-year separation required before obtaining a divorce in North Carolina.

Again, please consult with a mens divorce attorney in your jurisdiction for specific legal advice on divorce. This answer should not be construed as establishing an attorney-client relationship.

Valerie B. Gefert is an Associate Attorney in the Charlotte, North Carolina, office of Cordell & Cordell. To schedule an appointment with a divorce lawyer for men, please contact Cordell and Cordell.

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