Can Adultery Affect A Divorce Case?


Question: My spouse has been committing adultery for  years. Will that come into play during our divorce? Also, I am disabled and receive medical insurance through my spouse. How will that play out during the case?


Is She Entitled To Alimony?

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Question: My wife had an affair that eventually led to divorce. She does not work by choice but is fully capable of holding a job. Will I be required to pay her alimony since I was not at fault for causing our marriage to dissolve?


The Pros And Cons Of At-Fault Divorce

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On Jan. 1, 2016, the state of Illinois will overhaul its divorce law – known as the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act – for the first time since 1977. One of the major changes in the overhaul will be the elimination of at-fault divorce grounds. Now, the only


How Adultery Will Impact A Divorce Case


Question: My wife and I recently separated after I confessed to an affair and she is demanding I move to another city. We have a 14-month-old daughter and I am not interested in moving away from her, but I also do not want to rock the boat further and prompt


Pope Francis’ Comments Reflect Complexities Of Divorce

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Last week, Pope Francis sparked much debate regarding the Catholic Church’s stance on divorce by urging Catholics to be more welcoming of those who divorce and remarry. In front of a gathering outside the Vatican, Francis said that divorced and remarried couples, “are not excommunicated and they absolutely must not be


Ashley Madison, Infidelity And Fault-Based Divorce

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Recently, Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to helping married people cheat, was hacked, putting the personal information of its 37 million users at risk. The scandal has provided a poignant reminder of the prevalence of adultery in our society and is also the latest example of how the rise of