Do You Continue Paying Child Support Arrears If The Recipient Parent Dies?

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If child support arrears are being paid to the custodial parent and the custodial parent dies what happens? The children are all adults and living on their own.


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This arrearage would pass on to the estate of the custodial parent. The payments would be made to the estate and the estate would be able to pursue full payment of the same.

Once child support accrues it can be considered the “property” of the custodial parent is due and owing. Arrears do not get “written off” when the custodial parent passes on.

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One comment on “Do You Continue Paying Child Support Arrears If The Recipient Parent Dies?

    I pay child support for one last remaining child who is 20 years working full time but has not lived with the custodial parent, she does live with the custodial grandparent but by choice not court ordered. The case started in NYC but the child and my self the non custodial parent no longer live in NYC can payments end based on the child is self supporting herself even if living with her grandmother?

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