Does a child getting married qualify as emancipation from child support?

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Can I stop paying child support since my daughter is married with a child even though she is younger than 18? Is she considered emancipated if she is married?

My ex-wife and I both gave permission for the marriage, which was needed since she is a minor, so the marriage is legal.



I do not practice in your state, and therefore I cannot give you information about the specific laws there. Contact an attorney in your jurisdiction. Cordell & Cordell has offices nationwide.

The great majority of states, however, have statutes that indicate once a minor is married, they become emancipated, which means that neither parent owes a duty to support the child. The marriage should be recognized in nearly all states, as both parents gave their signed consent to the marriage.

Some states allow a parent to petition to annul the marriage of his or her minor child if the parent did not consent to the marriage, but that is not the case here.


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