Does camping violate the no overnight guests morality clause?

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

I am planning a camping trip with my girlfriend where each of us will bring our kids and sleep in separate tents.

My ex-wife says if I go she will take me to court for violating the “no overnight guests of the opposite sex, not related by blood or marriage” portion of our custody agreement.

Can she do this if we are just going camping and sleeping in separate tents?


Since you are planning on sleeping in separate areas and are not in your home, I understand that you feel that makes this situation different from what your custody agreement is trying to protect against.

However, on the other hand, your girlfriend still of the opposite sex and are unrelated. I don’t know if the agreement states that sentence as you have quoted or if there are more terms that are more specific. So without looking at the agreement, I am not able to give you more detailed advice.

I believe this would be a term that the court would have to clarify because as it stands it is vague and can cause confusion. I would advise you to speak with an attorney to clarify this term of the agreement.

Another situation that your ex-wife might prefer would be to take another family with you on your trip, to make it more of a group outing.

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