Am I entitled to the evidence my ex-wife is using to deny relief?

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

I have filed a motion to change the parenting time/visitation schedule since my ex-wife has not been adhering to the existing order. She responded to the order to show cause with “the courts should deny the requested relief.”

Am I entitled to know what her evidence is for denying this relief? If so, do I ask her attorney for that evidence or is it filed with the court already?


Some courts will require that certain evidence and witness lists be exchanged prior to a hearing. If that is the case in your jurisdiction, you will receive her documentation at that time.

Then, if she or her attorney has filed anything with the court, you should have received a copy of that as each party is usually required to serve the other party with documentation filed in the case.

If you believe you may be missing something, you can contact the court for that information. You could also contact her attorney and see if you have received all the documents they have filed in the case.

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