Does Child Support Cover College Expenses?

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I pay child support and will continue to do so while my child is in college, according to my state’s child support laws.

Does the child support get used for room and board at college or must I provide for those costs in addition to the child support?


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Courts will generally consider affording the child support payor a dollar-for-dollar credit (i.e. reduction) toward his or her child support payments for payments he or she made toward the child’s room and board at college.

“Room and board” typically encompasses payments made toward the child’s dormitory (or off-campus housing) costs and meal plan costs.

It is helpful, if not necessary, to make such payments directly to the college, if your child is residing on campus, or to his or her landlord, if the child is residing off-campus.

Generally, any credit afforded is calculated by averaging the total amount paid toward the room and board over a 9- or 12-month period, thereby reducing the payor’s monthly child support obligation for that 9- or 12-month period.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind the language and terms of any settlement agreement that you may have entered into with respect to child support, as many times such agreements will specifically address this issue.

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    my child is adult age, but because laws in the state require me to continue to pay because they said she was continuing her education, the dead line has pasted for her to sign up,she has not signed up when i called to report the situation.i was told that i had to petition the court to get it stopped. and if i did nothing it would continue to be taken until the child was 21, because she has no obligation to prove weather or not she’s going, but instead its my burden to prove she’s not. i’m in florida she’s in missouri what is my best course of action?

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