Ex wife is not paying education costs as outlined in decree

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

Can my ex-wife break our divorce settlement agreement, specifically regarding who pays for our children to attend private school?

She says she no longer has to pay for private education as agreed to since the joint property we exchanged has increased in value to my benefit.

Do I have legal grounds to force her to pay? Is she in contempt of court?


Often the parties’ Settlement Agreements are entered by the court and attached to the court’s decree dissolving the marriage. If this is done, then the Settlement Agreement effectively becomes a part of the court’s decree and is a court order.

Thus, the parties are required to abide by the Settlement Agreement, and if this isn’t done, the other party can file a motion asking the court to hold the non-complying party in contempt.

Depending on what your Settlement Agreement states, both you and your ex-wife are required to comply with those terms.

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